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Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver version wrecked my PC!


I went to update, my otherwise 100% stable PC from Intel Rapid Storage Technology to and right away my PC began locking up often. This lead to hard drive corruption and required repair. It got worse when I tried to uninstall it. It WOULDN'T uninstall successfully. Even after I managed to get rid of it so much damage had been done that many things on my PC were not working right. I formatted the PC and did a clean Windows install, installed the drivers and the crashing began just as before almost immediately.

I am running 4x Samsung 840 Pro's in RAID 0 on a z97 board with an Intel Devil's Canyon CPU on Windows 8.1. I have write back cache enabled. This PC has literally been 100% rock solid since I built it. These new RST drivers have now cost me my whole weekend. That's what it will take to get it back in working order. To add insult to injury, Intel seems to want nothing to do with supporting this software as I cannot seem to submit a ticket about this software.

How dare you, Intel. You shove this garbage on us and then throw walls up to avoid supporting it?! Pull this rotten software down before too many other people get hurt by it.

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Several years later..

At my Z87 board I decided to move upwards from, at mostly because it supports latest NET framework for Win7 Pro 64 bit (Retail).

No problems at all.


Therefore Microsoft should be flamed for their Win8.1 experimental OS.  

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