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Intel Rapid Storage for Z68X-UD3H B3 has a Hotfix, that wont install.

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So I have a Z68X UD3H B3 (rev 1.3) motherboard and installing IRST requires a Hotfix according to Gigabyte, the Hotfix however will not Install as it says something about "no suitable OS found" or some jack like that. Im on Windows 8 64 bit, and its listed under Windows 8 soooooo..

Intel® Rapid Storage Technology11.610,70 MB2012-11-27Hot fix


(Note) After installed IRST 11.6 driver, please install Hot fix.,68 MB2012-11-26

Otherwise, will any other driver (like an older one) work just as well on my board? Note there are no archived drivers on gigabytes website_S33

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Intel just released a new version of the Intel Rapid Storage: version Probably that version has the hotfix already included.