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My 3x NVME Raid 0 was broken when I attached a SATA drive, how do I reset this (without losing data) because my BIOS won't let me Boot to it anymore?

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Here's a link to the latest XTU profile I submitted to HWBot.org



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Hello JGoym,


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RAID 0 does not have Fault Tolerance since it does not include redundancy. If a RAID 0 fails the data will be lost. After a failure on RAID 0, it may be reset but the data will not be recoverable.


If you just connected the SSD drive to the SATA port and if no settings were changed on the BIOS and/or on the RAID status/configuration, you may try unplugging the SATA drive and then booting into the BIOS and check the RAID status. Please feel free to share a picture from the BIOS showing the current status.


Also, based on the link you shared (XTU profile), your motherboard is Z390 AORUS XTREME-CF. The RAID Setup Guide*, under "Configuring SATA Controllers" page 2, advises that "An M.2 PCIe SSD cannot be used to set up a RAID set either with an M.2 SATA SSD or a SATA hard drive". Having said that, we recommend you to contact your motherboard manufacturer for clarification on supported configurations for RAID arrays.




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