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RAID 1 (mirror) based on Intel RST ROM broken after BIOS battery discharge


Hi All!

I had a 10-year old ASUS P7P55D MoBo with enabled built-it RAID 1 (mirror) based on Intel RST ROM.


Everything was fine till few weeks ago my BIOS battery was completely discharged and I had to replace it.

Obviously all BIOS settings were erased including RAID but I didn't realize that till today 8-(


So today I had:


- windows 10 booting to (third, non-RAID-ever SSD drive)

- one of former RAID-disks online

- second - not mounted with error in Disk Devices (GUID duplicate or smth similar)


I tried:

- switch BIOS back from IDE to RAID disk mode 

- enter RST ROM UI (Ctrl+I) - and no disks are in RAID anymore, no option to recover or I can't see those

- windows 10 can't boot to (third, non-RAID-ever SSD drive) in RAID mode anymore (blue screen with sad smile :() while it was booting successfully before battery fault


Now I switched BIOS back to IDE:

- windows 10 can boot now

- both former RAID-disks are online, with separate drive letters assigned. Last file on 'offline' drive obviously is several weeks old



1) Can I repair/rebuild the RAID 1 (mirror) from those disks without data lost? And make Win10 boot with RAID mode turned on again?



2) Hot ot prevent same accidents in future? 

Need backup for BIOS backup battery ;)



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  1. The BIOS configuration is stored in flash, not CMOS, so all you lose if the battery fails is the date and time. Specifically, the settings ARE NOT erased by a battery failure. Something else (likely you loading BIOS Defaults) caused you to lose the configuration.
  2. The drive is offline because if is a duplicate of the first drive (from mirroring).
  3. If you want to use RAID, then you need to install Windows with RAID enabled.
  4. Make a backup of the data on the first drive before changing over to RAID. Better safe than sorry.


Hope this helps,


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