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RST - No RAID options in Windows client


When I run the Intel Rapid Storage Technology (RST) client in Windows, I do not get any options to create a RAID array/volume.

System: Dell Precision M4600, i7-2720QM, Win7 x64 SP1 Ultimate.

Controller is set to RAID in BIOS. Using latest Intel RST Raid drivers and software (


Disk 1 is 466GB, but only 122GB allocated, rest is Unallocated.

Disk 2 is 239GB, all Unallocated space.

See attached screenshot.


I want to do a RAID-1 migration, to mirror existing data on Disk 1 to Disk 2. I realize that Disk 2 is half the size, but from what I've read, it should give me the option to set up RAID1 with size of 239GB, and the rest of the space on Disk 1 will be lost, which is fine.

It seems that the ROM will let me do it, but it will destroy all data and I'll have to reinstall Windows, which is not an option for me.


The RST client only has Status, Manage, Performance, and Preferences buttons. There is no Create button and not even an Accelerate button to setup SRT. It should at least give me the Accelerate option, since disk 1 is an HDD and disk 2 is an SSD.


Is there something I'm missing?



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