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RST driver bug Raid0 "Drives clicking"


Dear Intel,

the RST driver has a bug with some hard drives equipped with APM (advanced power managment)

I suffer this bug with samsung 103SJ hard drives in Raid0,

I made a Raid volume with two Samsung 103SJ 1TB on an ASrock Z77 Extreme6, after installing Windows, the discs begin to click especially when they are not solicited

the research I have done shows that this bug has been running since the 13XX version of the driver. the only solution at the moment is adding a registry key in the IastoreA part to disable the APM function

this demarche testifies to the relative ease of a solution to bring to your RST drivers to solve this problem.

I therefore ask you to take care of this request in order to definitively solve this problem


sorry for poor english

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Take a look at post # 214 in this thread:

I had the problem on an older samsung drive and this corrected the problem. It may be the same as you have already done.


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Thank you for the quick reply

I already use this solution, moreover it is the only one that works

however, it does not completely solve the problem. I notice that when I turn off the computer, the discs click as if they have just turned on

so I think this is not a reliable solution, moreover, the existence of this solution by the registry proves that it is easy to correct the driver to take care of this bug

does anyone tested this solution on the 15XX version of the driver? I am on the 14XXX version

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