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Rapid Storage Technology - Registry Keys missing after install

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Intel RST 11.7

Windows Server 2008 R2

Lenovo ThinkStation S20

This system was working fine with an earlier version.

After replacement of the hard drives, I needed to upgrade to IRST to solve a problem with the Microsoft JET database.

Installation went fine with the exception that IaStorDataMgrSvc does not start and is not listed as an installed Service.

Further investigation revealed that the registry keys for this service are not fully populated.

Has anyone seen this issue?

Is there a fix?


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Steven Iezzi schrieb:

Has anyone seen this issue?

Is there a fix?

Yes, it is a wellknown software issue of some Intel RST versions (v11.6 and v11.7).

Fix: Unistall the "Intel(R) Rapid Storage" software by using the "Add/Remove Software" option, reboot and then install the Intel RST package v11.2.0.1006.