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SSD RAID 10 on old machine


Hi all!

I am using Intel RST with a 10-year old machine. I recently upgraded all the RAID drives with SSDs, something that I will never regret as the performance boost was HUUUGE!!

However, I am now experiencing quite a few BSODs, hangs and crashes, something that I attribute to the incosisteny between the new and older technologies.

What would you say are my options? I am thinking migrating my array (includes OS) to a newer MB with or without a dedicated controller, new processor, new RAM and GPU.

Can I somehow directly migrate my RAID 10 array to the new machine or must I create an image and then format (somthing I would HATE to do)?

What tools would be needed?

Thanx  in advance!

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In theory, the process with a new machine would be:

  1. Install the RAID drives into the system.
  2. In BIOS Setup, enable RAID support.
  3. Install Windows onto your system drive.
  4. Along with other drivers, install Intel RST.
  5. Ready to go ; access your RAID array!

Regardless of non-desire to have to back up the array, I would do so before performing any migration of this type.

Hope this helps,



Thanx alot...however, the problem is that the system is ON that RAID array. So your solution does not fit, as it would delete my system files.

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Yes, of course it will. If you come forward far enough, you are going to be in a position where your system install on that array is going to be useless. You are going to have to be on Windows 10 and running in UEFI mode (not the Legacy mode you are running now). Your best bet for a system drive is going to be a NVMe SSD. These will typically give you 3x better read performance and 2x write performance than you will get from that RAID array. If you spend enough, you could even get 7x performance read performance and 6x better write performance.