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Should I Update My AHCI Driver - Or Not?


All I'm doing is adding a new data only backup drive to an older existing system, but it's an Advanced Format (AF) drive and what I've read so far has me confused.

System specs:


OS: Vista 32 Home Premium

Motherboard: Abit IP35Pro

Chipset: P35Express & ICH9R

Bootable drives: one SATA drive - not AF

Data drives: two SATA drives - not AF

Data backup drive: one AF 512E SATA drive (the reason for this post)



All drives set to AHCI in bios

Current driver: "Intel(R) ICH9 SATA AHCI Controller" version dated 3/21/07


Microsoft and the drive manufacturer say that to use Advanced Format drives the storage controller should be updated and Intel says that to use RST the drivers should be version 9.6 or later.


If I have to update the AHCI drivers ... all I want to do is that. I understand the Intel RST contains the AHCI drivers ... but I just want the AHCI drivers ... not the RST.


Everything I've read so far only addresses updating the drivers during an OS install ... but I'm not reinstalling my OS ... and the readme file for the Intel RST doesn't seem to say how to update the AHCI driver only on existing systems without an OS install.


So ...


1. Do I have to update my AHCI drivers to account for my Advanced Format drive?

2. If the answer to # 1 is "yes" ... can I update the AHCI drivers without reinstalling the OS?

3. If the answer to # 2 is "yes" ... how do I do it?

4. Are there any other disk drivers that need to be updated ... such as ... "Standard AHCI 1.0 Serial ATA Controller" or others?





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In this case we suggest that you install Intel® Rapid Storage Technology completely. Keep in mind that this is a software based controller, so it still requires the IRST service to be running in order to take advantage of its benefits. Furthermore, this will add support for SATA NCQ and also for TRIM in case you add a SSD in the future.

Intel® Rapid Storage Technology 11.2 which should be more appropriate for your system is available here:

http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&DwnldID=21408&keyword=11.2&lang=eng http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&DwnldID=21408&keyword=11.2&lang=eng

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Hi, this subject is relevant to my problem so hopefully you might be able to help.

Hopefully somebody will be able to help me !

I have a P5E3 PRO, WINDOWS 7 64 BITS, and I'm looking for the Latest AHCI drivers for

- Intel® ICH9R/DO/DH SATA AHCI Controller

I've tried your link and it says that my system does not meet minimum requirement.

I found this link Centre de téléchargement where it is said that ICH9R is supported but when I extract it ( with cmd iata_cd.exe -a -a -p C:\ )

In the iaAHCIC.inf there is only :

Intel(R) 5 Series Port...

Intel(R) 6 Series Port...

Intel(R) 7 Series Port...

Intel(R) 7 Series Port...

Intel(R) C600

Intel Desktop/ Workstation/Server

Intel (R) ICH10D

Intel (R) ICH10R

Intel (R) ICH9M

Intel (R) Mobile

So i don't know what to do really don't want to select a random one and get blue screens

So my question is :

- Is this the right link ? If yes, why is ICH9R missing ?

- If not, where can I find the very latest AHCI drivers for my ICH9R motherboard P5E3 Pro.

Thank you very much for your help.

My drivers is :

Thank you again


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