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The New H67 and P67 Chipsets with SATA 3 Support, and TRIM?


So the first models of the new Intel "Sandy Bridge", 2nd Generation Core CPUs are here, along with the H67 and P67 Platform Controller Hub (PCH) chipsets.

The reviews of these CPUs I've seen have been excellent, their performance exceeding the Core i7-9xx CPUs by significant amounts in most areas.

The new PCH chipsets have an important new feature among Intel's chipsets, support of SATA 3 I/O speeds, 6Gb/s, or otherwise stated as 600MB/s. Intel has also provided the new RST 10.0 software driver for these chipsets, so they continue their support of RAID and AHCI features.

I've looked through the data sheets of the H67 and P67 chips, read about them in the documentation for the new Intel mother boards for these CPUs and chipsets, and checked the RST 10.0 download page, but cannot find an answer to my question, which of course is:

Will RST 10.0 in AHCI mode with these chipsets through the SATA 3 interface support/pass the TRIM command? This is very important, since SSD enthusiasts want to use SATA 3 with their SSDs (whether it makes a difference or not) and the most common add-on chip used for SATA 3 support (Marvell 9128) does not seem to support TRIM. I would be surprised if RST 10.0 in AHCI mode did not support TRIM, but you never know. If it does and the new PCH's perform well in SATA 3 mode, they will be very popular among enthusiasts.

Also, is RST 10.0 required for SATA 3 support with these chipsets? What about SATA 3 with Windows 7 msahci driver? I did not find any other chipset drivers on the new mother board support pages, except to install the INF files.

Regarding RST 10.0 in RAID mode, and TRIM... I'll leave that alone for now.

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Hi again, Parsec.

Do you think that the corsair performance 3 (without trim) may be a partial solution to do raid arrays?



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