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Uninstalled RST now computer won't boot past windows logo.


Hello, I could use some help on this, I am somewhat at my wit's end, I would be very thankful for any response.

I work in IT and am somewhat technical but by no means perfect.


Recently I had an issue with my computer running windows 10, I identified Intel RST as a potential problem and so sought to uninstall the application, I do not have RAID enabled and use AHCI so believed it was okay to do.


Going to the control panel I followed the steps and uninstalled the software. After rebooting my computer it now no longer boots past the Windows logo screen.


It will not boot into recovery mode and I am unable to disable secure boot to allow myself to access CMD via booting off of a portable USB stick. I believe this is due to me previously using RegEdit to set secure boot to be enabled.


Playing around in the bios somehow yesterday I managed to get the system to boot successfully once, however, I stupidly didn't use this chance to repair the system and promptly rebooted it again thinking I had solved it, which I had not.


Currently, I have no way to disable secure boot to reimage windows and no way to get past the windows logo screen, would anyone have any suggestions on a fix?


Thank you very much




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I just pray I haven't bricked this system, hopefully someone can impart some helpful wisdom


If you need any more information, which I am sure you might, please ask

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Praise be! After 4 hours of pulling hair I managed to get a successful recovery boot and through use of CMD I have force it into safe mode with networking on startup,

Now I just need to figure out what the hell I have done to not allow it to successfully boot in the first place

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Enabled safe boot menu to always prompt on windows start up, launching windows through that seems to allow me a root onto the machine.

Tested it a few times and it is still working praise be! Now I will just need to back everything up and reimage windows to ensure everything is 100%


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Hello Oscar,

1.  Preparing a disk backup is a good idea that you should od first.

2. Once you have this backup ready, repair your Windows with an in place Upgrade. Your Windows will be replaced and your programs and date will be preserved.






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