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can I have 3 drives in RAID 1

using a dell 3620 system - current config has 3 drives - 1 system and 2 in raid 1. System disk crashed and restore image failed. What I want is to include the system (windows 7) in the RAID 1 array so that if a drive fails the system will continue to run .

Is it possible to image the system, delete the current RAID 1 and create a new RAID 1 with 3 drives. Once done, restore image so that it is mirrored across the three drives?

Or, is there a better solution that would work on a Dell 3620 system? I have 3 512G drives to work with.


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According to the information in the following link, you should be able to that configuration, however, to create the RAID 1 from scratch might be needed.



Just to let you know, the computer works with the Intel® C236 Chipset, that is a server chipset, so the best thing to do will be to get in contact directly with Dell so they can confirm if the computer supports that configuration and for them to provide the steps to do it:





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