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iaStorA - Reset to Device (Event 129)



Hopefully someone can help me resolve this issue as it's starting to affect my productivity.

I'm running a RAID5 array on an Z77 mobo (asus p8z77v-pro) with Windows7 and the iRST drivers.

Periodically, my system will hang after an attempted access to a file or folder on my array. The hang will last from 20 to 30 seconds and I'm seeing an Event 129 (Reset to Device) from the iaStoreA driver.

I've set windows to not power down the drives. This only occurs on Windows. If I boot into linux, (Ubuntu 12.10) I never see an issue. (I've seen other nagging issues between the to OS's related to a drive failure, but that's a different discussion!)

Is there a way to file a bug against this driver, or a way to debug it on my own?


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