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Visual Intel Fortran license and software download


I wasn't able to download my Visual Fortran Composer XE 2020 for Windows in the alloted time.

I've gone through the Intel Registration Center and when I enter my Serial Number and click the Register button, it says "Serial number is already registered" but the left panel says "You have no registered product yet. Please register one."

I tried to fill out a support ticket but that's like going in circles, too - can't figure out why it's too difficult.

I tried to find the Download page, but nothing for Visual Fortran Compiler--it's all about One-API, which I can't really use because we need the Visual Fortran Compiler for development.

My license and software has not expired yet.  It's fully paid.  Just can't download the license and software.

What do I do?  Need HELP badly.

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