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A2U8X25S3HSDK 8x2.5" hotswap drive's not spinning (S2600CP2J mobo)


Hello people,

I have connected the 4 pin power connector into the bay backplane PCB, I have connected the mini-SAS to x4 SATA cable 1 per black sata port on the motherboard (as its advised not to use the 2 white SATA ports). I have also connected the IC2 cable, the sata ports are in AHCI mode. When I power on the server I can see the amber light on the drive cages flash for 0.1 seconds or so but after that its dead, drives do not spin and are not seen in the BIOS.

I have recently run an BIOS upgrade process that upgraded various parts of the motherboard and it did detect the 8x2.5" hotswap bay within that so I believe its working as it should be.... yet its not seen within the BIOS or windows. Am I missing a BIOS setting somewhere or something?

Intel S2600CP2J motherboard

Intel 8x 2.5inch hot swap bay (A2U8X25S3HSDK) comes with the IC2 + mini-sata to 4x SATA cable.

Intel P4208XXMHGC server chassis

Any pointers will be much appreciated,


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Thank you for contacting Intel Customer Support.

Based in your description, the back-plane you plan to use is not compatible with that chassis.

I would like to recommend using the Pedestal Chassis Hot Swap Drive Kit FUP4X35HSDK or Spare 8x2.5 Hot-Swap Drive Cage Kit FUP8X25HSDKS. In addition to this, the cables compatible for the implementation you should be the AXXCBL650MSMS and AXXCBL650MSMS [mini-SAS to mini-SAS].


** The mini-SAS to x4 SATA can be use only from the on-board mini-SAS to the SATA ports on the back-plane.



Thanks for the reply. The drive cage came with the chasis its self. Unsure how Intel would sell an incompatible bundle?.... anyway I bought a replacment sas to sata reverse cable and it worked right away, so a faulty cable was the cause.

Many thanks