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AXX4SASMOD - not all ports working

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I build servers based on this sas module and the S3420GPLX motherboard and often i find that some of the ports dont pick recognise drives.

the drives i am using are seagate desktop grade drives, but mainly the constellation 2tb versions and sometimes each card would have a port that doesnt want to detect a drive. I've tried updating the firmware of the axx4sasmod, but it still remains the same.

now, i've built over 40 of these identical servers and it still remains the same, with at least 3 out of every 5 exhibiting this problem but because im only using 3 ports out of the 4 on the card, i can get away with it by switching the drives around to be on the other ports. however sometimes i see that there are 2 ports that dont work and then i cant do anything but send the card back. but surely, this cant be normal as ive seen it on so many of these cards already!

any suggestions?

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I've seen the exact same problem with desktop grade drives. The only sure fix, is to use enterprise-class drives. The list of drives that should work 100% of the time is at /SctTHOL/16723/Intel%C2%AE%20Server%20Board%20S3420GPLX%20(S3420GPLX /SctTHOL/16723/Intel%C2%AE%20Server%20Board%20S3420GPLX%20(S3420GPLX)

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Thanks Dan_O

Well the problem happens with both enterprise Seagate Constellation SATA 1TB/2TB too.

Would a single desktop drive be affect the function of the whole sas module?

I will try and do some testing for our next server and see if that is the case....