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Advice about RAID cards


I need some advice about RAID cards, I have a server that has 10 drives which are in enclosures with non-expanding backplanes, can you tell me which are the best RAID cards to use as I am having problems finding one that comes with the correct cables. The chassis I am using is a SC5600BRP and the motherboard is a S5520HCR.

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Most Intel RAID controllers are limited to 8 internal ports. For the non-expander backplanes you're using you'd need 10 ports.

The Intel® RAID Controller RS2WG160 provides 16 internal ports through four SFF-8087 Mini SAS x4 internal connectors. Last time I checked, the controller comes with four each SFF 8087 to SFF 8087 Adapter Cables.

We also have the Intel® RAID Controller RS2SG244 that provides twenty-four internal and four external ports. The RS2SG244 comes with six each SFF 8087 to SFF 8087 Adapter Cables. But that seems to be overkill for your 10 drives.

I don't know if the cables provided will work in your setup (length, etc...). Intel has also been moving away from providing cables with our RAID controllers because of the number of different possible connector configurations. We found that there was less waste by having customers get the cable they need for their specific situation. In short, I'd check with your distributor or supplier for specifics on any RAID controller you are interested in to see if it will work for you.



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