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Any idea?


Hi, I have a system with a processor 2160 - 1.8 Mhz and motherboard Intel D945GCCR, all was working fine, but now dont load Win Xp, only i can see the screen when press F8 and choose the option to load, i try with all option and the cursor stay for ever in left up corner.

I did all test, reset bios, change hardisk and test with Sata Hd and Ide Hd, also change memory, power supply, when i installed a new hard disk, only boot to first screen and load all basic driver of win xp, but never comes the screen to accept the licence with F8. the cursor stay for ever in left up corner.

The system works fine in mode Dos, i can use fdisk to make partition in hd and format without problem.

also try with a pci express graphic card

The last action was upgrade the last bios version, but in vain, nothing fix, all the same.

any idea?


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