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Archer City boot up issue


We purchased an Archer City ES2-D Beta Q3 PDK earlier but having some trouble booting up the system. We have CPU0 and EBG PCH installed, and managed to flash FPGA, BMC, and BIOS with "S2EGx_ArcherCity_BKC45_WW51_BIOS 69D14_BMC_77_CPLD 3v3_9", but couldn’t get the system to boot up.

      The first FPGA displayed after AC connection is “0.3.” (Indicating PSU/PDB output is not good, I assume it is as expected since power is off mechanically through the kill switch) After pressing power on, all the fans start to run and the FPGA indication ends with “0.2.”

      We have some questions regarding this issue:

      1. We only flashed the BMC, FPGA, and BIOS. Not sure is there any other flashing still needed?

      2. In order to boot up the system, do we need to insert any SATA/M.2 SSD with system OS installed and graphic cards? Or they are not necessary to boot up the system?

      3. Could you please help to double-check the attached jumper setting based on our installation? (CPU0+EBG PCH) yellow means the same as default and red means changed based on our firmware installation.

Tried to contact customer support at 1-800-628-8686(647) or, but there's no response. It would be great if any one-on-one technical support can be arranged.



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Hello Shawn_5350,

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Ticketing support for Intel Software Development Platforms is available at the Online Service Center

You can register at the Intel Software Development Platform (Intel SDP) Support Center (

Main support page on Intel SDP Support Center:


Jose A.

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