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Authorized letter from the manufacturer


I need an authorized letter from the manufacturer to bid on the Intel server,(MAF).  please write to whom to contact. The distributor is Asbis .

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Hello softline,

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Could you please detail a bit more about what you exactly need? What kind of authorization letter and provided by whom? Are you an authorized distributor or reseller? Do you have any Intel account number? Are you writing in behave of Asbis?

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Jose A.

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You are writing to Global IT Company "Softline Georgia" Ltd. - from the Georgian branch, Tbilisi.
We are a reseller company and we sell Intel products. ASBIS serves us as a distributor and delivers prices and products locally.
In this particular case we were selling an Intel server with the following names: Сервер Intel® Server Board S2600WFR Family
R2312WF0NPR, XEON SILVER 4214, 32GB RDIMM 2666 X4. Quantity 5 pieces. We received prices from distributor Asbis. Contact persons are:  KAM BY Tatsiana Ivinskaya SBDM Servers BY Aliaksei Konishev 

When we asked the distributor Asbis for the manufacturer's authorized form, he told us that he could not help us and we had to contact you, we registered on the site. But I can not figure out how to fill out this form? I need your help.
The final purchaser is LEPL Security Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, ID: 211350928.
Which has announced a state tender.

The manufacturer's authorized handwriting is Wendy's official letter confirming that we are the official sales representative for Intel services and have the right to sell the original Intel servers to the customer.

We must not submit this document on the state tender site where the competition is and we are participating. This is a tender site.

Final Purchaser - Our Client is the LEPL Security Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, ID: 211350928.
In this competition we have to upload this document to win and sell Intel servers.
The manufacturer's authorized form for the visuals must be something like this:





Customer to: LEPL Security Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia

Tender Number: NAT200017423

Date tender: 24.11.2020



Manufacturer Authorization Form


 Whereas Intel who are official prducers of .......( Here should be written when the Intel brand was founded, in terms of servers, where is the official addres) Do hereby authorize ‘’Softline Georgia’’ (Georgia, Tbilisi, Danelia St 13 ( ex University st46), 0186, (hereinafter, the ‘’Bidder’’) to submit a bid and subsequently negotiate and sing a Contrract with you for resale of the following prodicts by us:


            Server Intel® Server Board S2600WFR Family  R2312WF0NPR, XEON SILVER 4214, 32GB RDIMM 2666 X4

Signor and seal of Vendor (manufacturer) at the end of the text.

I think I will explain everything in a nutshell, if you have any additional questions please write to me.

The tender is on Monday, my deadline is November 23rd for submitting this document. Thanks and looking forward to your help.



Hello softline,

Thanks for the updates and clarification. Let me route your inquiry to the department in charge.


Jose A.

Intel Customer Support Technician



How fast can you get MAF Send?  The tender is already on October 24.