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BMC setup for W2600CR board



i recently bought a P304CR2LFKN case with W2600CR board for scientific computing. I'm trialling a tesla K20 with no active cooling so would like to control the fans directly. I'm trying to set up BMC but cant get anything in a web browser. I've followed the setup in the Intel® Remote Management Module 4 (Intel® RMM4) and Integrated BMC user guide but nothing in the browser. I've tried dhcp and static non conflicting IPs but no joy. I;d appreciate some help.


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The BMC EWS is intended for access from a 2nd computer. I have never tryed accessing a system from itself.

In BIOS set-up

1) select a user accout.


2) enable the account as administrator

3) enter a password for the account.

4) set a IP address for the BMC NIC - Dynamic is good but you may need to reboot and go back to see what address it was assigned.

5) open a browser from second system to assigned BMC IP

log in with the account and password enable above.

On cooling.

BIOS set-up has an option for PWM offset. Increesing the PWM precent will raise the fan speeds.



Thanks Doc, got it working after another restart. EWS access both from the host and another machine. The BIOS setup for user accounts wasnt updating properly so I used the ipmitool package under ubuntu to edit the bmc user configuration - login now fine. What I'd really like to be able to do is configure the second case fan to ramp up in response to the tesla card temp sensor. At present only the first case fan showing in the bmc sensor readings. Any advice much appreciated.