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Business Computer/Server Help?? What do I do!


Helllo, I'm new here. I have joinded here because i'm looking for some expert advice. Please, I'm trying to build/ maybe purchase a buisness computer/server one or the other which ever is best. It will be going into a one person office & not a home office. It will need to run software such as....Quickbooks Pro, Office 2007, Editing Software for business cards & such, Tax Software plus some customers Info that must be secured. I have looked for weeks at all their is to offer,....Processor's, Chipsets & MOBO's That only overclock & I'm not looking to play with it! but as this is all I'm finding. Maybe one day I'll build an overclocker, but for now I need a business machine! The big thing with me is SECURETY & then more securety. And don't let forget, one that will all ways boot up & hang with me!

I know I can get some securety from software, but I'm looking for better than that such as deep hardware securety.

And I know I can get this from Intel, thats why I'm here!

But my thing is,. what do I chose a Prebuilt Computer w/ Win 7 Pro that has a i3, i5 or other core & some overclocker board? OR do I get a Prebuilt Levnovo, HP, ...Server with an Xeon x3440, x3450, Exxx cores? OR do I Build my own server with maybe (socket775)E3110, 3200 chipset OR a (socket 1156)Lynnfield x3440 The Lynnfield has very good reviews as an awesome processor i5 & x3440. But if I did use it the x3440 what MOBO would you use?

I understand that some processor's have unlocked cores & some don't.

And if I did build my own server who would be Deploying my securety apps & such? Will I need to learn to do this myself? Who will manage it!

OR do I just build a computer with say Sandybridge i3-2100,...but again what MOBO would I use with it? Tigerdirect has this processor & says it will make a good business computer,...but my Question is still the board which MOBO with it makes a good buisness computer +++PLUS gives me securety?

Do we only depend on some securety when we purchase oem products?

I have read about the vpro & its awesome, but maybe a little much for one person!

I would go to my local computer tech store,...but been their done that & never again! He don't do people right and I don't like that

And to purchase a prebuilt server or pc for some of the cores I would like to use the price is very hight for what you maybe able to build one for. but if that's what i need to do your the expert PLEASE let me know. I can't keep on setting here looking & looking I have office work to do. But I need a good secure machine to do it with! (LOL) Thanks so much God Bless

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You can save money by building it yourself, but it means spending a lot of time learning what to buy, and how to integrate, and how to troubleshoot.

You can save time by purchasing from HP or Dell, but it means spending more money.

One option, in between those two, is to buy from an Intel authorized reseller in your area. If you go to, you can search by city to find someone close to you, who might be able to offer more personalized security services.

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