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Can I get consultation on compatibility of products directly from Intel ?



I am trying to configure a server for which I have selected following components:

1) Intel Server Board S2600CP2

2) Intel Xeon E5-2620

3) Intel Server Chassis P4308XXMFEN

4) Apart from this, I want to installKingston 16 GB 1.5V ECC Registered DDR3 KVR16R11D4/16I RAM modules on the above mentioned board.

I want to know two things about the above mentioned configuration:

1) if there is a way to speak to someone either from Intel technical support or someonei who can confirm that above mentioned configuration will work perfectly, and

2) if I can purchase the first three items i.e. Intel board, processor and chassis directly from Intel in India ?

Any suggestions or contacts in this regard are welcome.


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You can contact technical support using the options at

There should be a local phone number for your area.

Intel does not do direct sales, but there are also links for finding an authorized reseller in your area at