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Can the Intel Gigabit VT Quard Port Server Adapter be team?

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I am trying to NIC team two intel gigabit VT quard port server adapters using Proset software and I am not having any luck seeing the ANS features. I have checked the box during initial installation but when I go into device manage, NIC properties the ANS features are not installed so I cannot perform any teaming. Any ideas are welcome. Thank you.

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Yes it can be teamed. I discovered that connecting to the server via any remote desktop connection will automatically disable the ANS option. However physically working from the server console or via KVM will display the ANS options for teaming. Teaming via remote connectivity will disconnect you from the server since you will loose your IP settings. Once teaming is established you will have to reconfigure your IP settings before RDC can work. I learned the hard way so be careful when teaming via RDC.