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Cant see On-Board Video nor Graphics card while booting, S2600CP, Please help me if you can.


Hello, and happy new year! I am long winded, and if you would rather skim, if you look below the very breif version is listed under short version summery lol. Thank you! If you want to read the full story continue on. This is my first server build, and I have tried hard to read through all the applicable manuals and available system information before making each step. I have had this server up and running for a few months, and everything was okay, with one noticeable exception! Every since I installed my first GPU, amd radeon 5800 hd, the bios doesn't display anymore via the on-board vga port, nor, the graphics cards video outputs. I have tried resetting the bios to its default configuration by booting blindly and pressing f2 to load bios, f9 enter to set defaults, then f10 enter to save and exit.. I have also done a hard cmos default reset several times without the graphics card present, I have tried several methods, one from the manual (i think that is outdated now, just turn system off, move jumper to j2-j3 for 5 seconds, then move back and turn powre back on). I have also tried shutting the system down, turning a/c power off, moving jumper to j2-j3, turning power back on for 45-50 sec, then turning ac power back off and resetting the jumper to j1-j2. The later definitely seems to clear the cmos as my post codes reset. However, even if I remove the cmos battery and do all the above and leave everything un powered for an hour, i still never see my on board video or graphics card video for my bios.. and.. as such i can not diagnose what is probably a simple boot failure.

Before this, I was just letting windows load and once it did so, my GPU would kick in and everything was fine.. This made for some scary windows update procedures because its all black with no way to see anything! I knew the day would come i'd need to see the boot information/bios... That day is here! Anyone with any information or advice please contact me via email or reply.. It would be so greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance, and I hope you all have a great year!


Cant see any BIOS / Pre-Windows Display what so ever, either on-board vga, nor via installed graphics card. (Gpu works fine if windows boots, just no display before)

System has worked for months, but since installing graphics card bios display has been disabled somehow

tried resetting cmos severl times with several methods w/o gpu installed and no luck!

Thank you and have a great day!


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Hello Nick,



Just to confirm what are the settings that you have in Bios for the video mode?



Please check the following link on page 49 to see the settings:
Community Manager

Hello Nick,



I wanted to follow up in this issue and see if you were able to check the link we previously sent.



Let us know if you need further assistance.