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Certificate for AMT provisioning with SCCM


Hi all,

Am trying to explore the vPro capabilities with SCCM in a lab environment with Intel AMT clients of version 3.2.1.

Cleint PC info:

Model : Dell Optiplex 755

Bios version : A11

Also am planning to purchase one of the certificate rather than a setting up an internal CA.

So before I proceed any further i have few queries,

Is there a recommended certificate(among Verisgn, GoDaddy, COMODO, Starfield) that i should purchase to make vpro work with SCCM(i mean, anything SCCM specific ?) ?

My lab setup is in an isolated network and my domain is not hosted on any public web server.

I read in one of the intel's blog that when a certificate is purchased the certificate vendor does a WHOIS lookup to verify the domain.

Am a bit confused about this !!

Is it possible to purchase a certificate even if my domain in not hosted and to make vPro work with SCCM ?

Please advice.

Thanks in Advance


Kumaran Alagesan

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Hi Kumaran,

This specific question should be posted in the vPro community

here on Open Port - we have a dedicated community for vPro known as Intel vPro Expert Center managed by our ace vPro genius Josh Hilliker. This question and many others that you might have in mind have all the answers and the right resources in our vPro Expert Center. Hope you find the answers there otherwise feel free to contact us directly any time.


Warm Regards,

Javed Lodhi

Intel Go Green, Save The Environment!

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