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Clicking Noise from SC5650BRP


When I just plug in the power cord, I could hear non-stopping clicking noise from the power supply, no display. the server board is s5520HC with two Xeron X5660 CPU installed. Please help to identify the problems.

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Sounds like a short circuit on the power rail.

Newly intregrated system?

Try unplugging everything from the poser suppy then connecting AC. If no click, your tripping the PS.

Check for mounting standoff locatins being correct.

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Thanks for quick reply!

I followed your suggestion, the power supply has no noise when I removed any power from the serverboard, such as main power, cpu1 and cpu2 power.

It could be a short circuit on the serverboard, I checked the standoffs on K,L1,F,3,E,J1, A,C and D, I also checked the bumpers. but, all the location are right. Do you think the serverboard is failure?


It is the new system build for me, First I used SC6500BRP chassis, I found both CPU fans were spinning whenever I pluged the power cord into the power supply, the power button did not work. All chassis fans connected on fan 1, fan3, fan5 connector, were not worked. I could hear beep pattern like 1-5-4-4. Then I called Intel online chatting, the tech supporter told me that the power cage had faulty and needed to be replace.

Why I try to use SC5650BRP chassis is that I would like to identify whether the server board had been damage as well due to the power cage failure on SC5600BRP.

Could any power cage failure cause server board permanant shortcircuit? the server board need to be replaced?, or anything else I could do. please help

Does SC5650BRP have problem on power?

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One draw back to trying to help on the forums is you have to make guesses based on what symptoms you have so it is kind of tough to be complete.

If the main SSI power caple is connected, the the CPU power is disconnected, the BMC should start (flashing yellow / Green LED on back that changes to Green( or flashing yellow or solid yellow) after abut 30 seconds

Pressing the power button should result in a beep code error (saying hey!! you forgot the 12v CPU power!)

Each CPU derives it's power off the12v.

When both are connected you get the clicking (?) would indicate an over current condition on the 12v rail.

You can try connecting just CPU1 and see if you get POST

Also, inspect the CPU pins in the socket. (one bent pin can cause this to happen).


CPU fans spinning while the chassis fans don't is strange. They are all controlled by the BMC and run off the same power rails.

This again sounds like a short circuit on the 12v fan control causing the CPU fans to turn on from 5v standby.

1-5-4-4 is a Power control fault (power good assertion timeout). This happens when the power button is pressed and the BMC never gets a Power good return from the system. The Power supply is one option, but any of the mother board Voltage regulators not coming up or a short will cause this same beep code.

The next step i would try is a pain. (Sorry)

Remove the board and power supply from the chassis.

With 1 CPU and 1 DIMM installed on a non-conductive surface apply power up the power supply

You should see the LED on the back flash as above.

Use a screw driver to momentarily connect pins 11 & 13

(pwr button) and the cpu fan and board should start up as indicated by the POST LEDs on the rear of the board starting to sequence. If this works, you board & PS are OK. Add the remaining memory, CPU and add in cards ( I would add them one at a time) and try again. You can connect the monitor also to see if it gets through POST.

If the system still fails with one cpu & one DIMM, you can try the other CPU and a different DIMM to rule out those components. leaving the PS and the mother board & you already replaced the PS.

If every thing looks good on the bench, it is time to go back to the chassis.

Check the bottom for loose screws or extra stand-offs. It is not the stand off in the right place that hurts, it is the one in the wrong place that causes issues.

This is also a good resource

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The procedures I went through as follow:

1. Remove CPU2, CPU 2 power, and CPU2 Fan. leave CPU1 on board and 4GB memory on slot A1.

Observe Result: Clicking Noise from Power Supply

2. Remove both CPU, CPU power, and CPU Fans. Only main power was applied on the board.

Observe Result: Clicking Noise from Power Supply

3. Swap CPU and leave CPU1 on board and 4GB memory on slot A1.

Observe Result: Clicking Noise from Power Supply

4. Remove both CPU, CPU power, and CPU Fans. Take out the serverboard from the chassis and placed on non-conducted

material. only main power applied on the board and momentarily connect pins 11 & 13

Observe Result: Clicking Noise from Power Supply.

5. Remove main power from the serverboard, and plug the power cord into the power supply only.

Observe Result: No Noise from Power Supply.

Estimated possibility: the serverboard has short circuit on board in some kind of physical damage.

Follow on: I am going to get another same server board SC5250HCR to do further investgation.

Thanks for your help, report you asap.

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