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Compatibility Quadro K4200 and M4000 with S5520SCR


I need to change my graphic card which was a Geforce GTX480 and is dead.

I would like to put a Quadro K4200 or M4000 and I don't know if it is compatible with this motherboard.

My provider asked Intel a week ago and no answer.

Can somebody help me, my station is out of order and I need to work.

Thanks a lot.

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Re: Compatibility Quadro K4200 and M4000 with S5520SCR




Thank you for contacting Intel Customer Support.



We regret to inform that the Intel Server Board S5520SCR is currently in End of Interactive Support (EOIS). This means that Intel no longer provides interactive support for this service via telephone, e-mail, chat, or other tools. Technical articles will continue to be available on the Intel Support website.



I would to share with you the Technical Product Specification. In page 46 you will find


Graphics Card Population Guide.


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