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Console Redirection with Intel server boards?


I have to manage two servers with Intel boards, one with a SH3200 and the other with a SH3420 board.

I would like to administer these servers using the BMC SOL feature, so that I don't have to go to the server room when I am installing another OS or somthing else.

I have been looking for a couple of days, downloading tons of different tools like IPMIUtil, Intel Active System Console and many others. However, I still don't know how to connect from a Windows client to one of the servers, so that I can see the screen content just as when I would be sitting in front of the physical machine.

With Supermicro servers, this is no problem. I just enter the BMC IP address of the server in my browser and I see a comfortable menu with all what I need.

Please tell me:

Is this a Supermicro specific feature or do intel boards have this capability too?

Can I administer the above mentioned boards from remote and if yes, which software or which URL do I need?

Thanks in advance


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You can use the Intel® Command Line Interface (CLI). You'll need another PC (other than the servers you want to manage) to install it. Then you can telnet to that PC, and then connect to the managed server using CLI. See the user manual for more details. The SOL White Paper is also a good reading.

Note that SOL works in text mode only. If you want a complete remote KVM solution, you can check the Remote Management Module. (not available on all server boards)

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