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Coreboot and FSP for Intel Xeon Processor Sapphire Rapids-SP



I am reaching out to request assistance with obtaining a complete FSP kit for the Archer City Reference Platform.

This platform is powered by 2 x Intel Xeon Processor Sapphire Rapids-SP (28c, ES2, D0 stepping, DDR5 4800MT/s, QYFS).

Specifically for this processor model, I am in need of an FSP kit that contains the necessary binaries and all header files required for proper integration with coreboot. 

Given the specifics of the processors involved, I believe the processors category would be the most relevant for this query.

For reference, I have previously started a thread under the Product Support Forums for servers. You can find the details and my previous inquiries at the following link:

Inquiry About HOB Headers for EagleStream FSP Binary Integration

Any guidance or support you can provide in obtaining the appropriate FSP kit would be immensely appreciated.





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Hello Satish2,


Thank you for posting in the community!


To ensure you receive the most specialized assistance, we have a dedicated forum that addresses these specific concerns. Therefore, I will be moving this discussion to our Server Forum. This will allow our knowledgeable community and experts to provide you with timely and accurate solutions.


Best regards,

Norman S.

Intel Customer Support Engineer

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Hello Satish2,

Thank you for posting in Intel community Forum.

We see that you are looking for FSP kit for the Archer City Reference Platform and we understand that earlier you had started a thread regarding this in Product Support Forums for servers.

Please note that for queries related to archer city, all of your requests and questions must be made by using the support channels found in the link down below:

Intel® Software Development Platform (Intel® SDP)


Kindly access the above link and scroll down and you can find the option ''Open a ticket''. Here you can select the category ( Socket1 , socket 2 etc) and submit the ticket so that you can get further assistance.

Thank you for using Intel products and services.


Sachin KS

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