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Corrupted ESRT2 Drivers for RHEL 6.x in


Hi All,

I'm trying to install RHEL 6.x on a S5520HC Server board with 5 x 240GB Intel 330 SSDs configured as RAID 10 with one HSP.

The problem is that the latest drivers from Intel ( contains corrupted .img files (in the./DUD directory) for ALL variants of RHEL 6.x. I've tried a multitude of different Image Extraction/Tools under various flavours of Linux and Windows environment, none of them can read the .img files for any of RHEL 6.x. The strange thing is that all other RHEL (3.x, 4.x & 5.x) variants of the .img files were fine!

Has anyone experienced the same problem? Can anyone help point me in the right direction where I can obtain working drivers for RHEL 6.x (6.3 in particular)?


Steve C.

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If you're running Linux you can use dd to transfer the image to a floppy disk:

dd if= of=

If you're running Windows rawwritewin should work, although the content of the floppy might not be readable under Windows.

However as far as I know RHEL 6.3 driver is not yet available...

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