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DBS1200V3RPS suddenly restarts, beep meaning


I am using DBS1200V3RPS motherboard along with Intel Xeon 1245v3 processor for the past 2 years. I have recently started facing restart issues with my setup. At times(usually within a day or two), server simply shuts down with a single continuous beep, followed by 4-5 short duration beeps, then a pause then about 4-5 short duration beeps and then a longer continuous beep. Sometime between the second set of 5 beeps and last loud beep, server begins to start again. Please help me in understanding what these beeps indicate. These beeps are louder than the usual beeps which are heard every time I start my server.

I have changed Sata cables of hard disk, set paging file to 0, chkdsk harddisk which revealed no errors, memtest showing no errors for about 12 hours, and removed and fitted power cables to motherboard again. Still no resolution to this problem. Any help appreciated.

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Hello lonstud,




The issue you describe is characteristic for the BMC beep codes. A complete description of these beep codes could be found on the following document: on page 251.





It looks like some sort of power fault either internal caused by the actual power supply unit or external caused by the power input (UPS, facility power system, etc.)



Have you performed any recent hardware changes in the server or any external changes on the power subsystem?



What is the current BIOS version on this server? Has it been updated at any time before?



Let me know



Jose H.


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Dear Jose,

Thank your for your response.

I have not performed any hardware changes for the past two year nor updated BIOS version on this server. BIOS version is S1200RP.86B.03.01.0002.

I have connected two servers to a single UPS and other server is not restarting. Going through the BMC beep codes and your response, it appears that the problem lies with faulty power supply. Is there any way to confirm that power supply is faulty so that I can avail replacement of power supply under warranty?



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