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DQ77MK - RAID array not supported on latest RST-Driver?


Hi guys,

After a couple of years of stable operation of a raid10 (4 x 2TB) array off of the onboard controller and no memories of issues upon installation at the time, I recently upgraded my Windows Homer Server 2011 storage capacity to 4 x 3TB. After having created the array upon boot (CTRL+I) I ran the installation of Windows Home Server 2011 and got ready to F6 my way through the installation process.

Unfortunately, this did not work quite as well as expected...

When it came to partitioning the installation target, the installation routine at first showed me 2 of the 4 (?) connected disks at the wrong capacity of 750GB each (WD Red, 3TB). Once I browsed my way though to the location of the freshly downloaded driver, setup displayed only one storage entity at the proper capacity of 5,5TB. So far all looked quite well, but as soon as I hit the 'Next' button I received an error message, stating, that my HW was not compatible with the driver provided...?

I am running the board at the latest BIOS (v.0071) and was using the F6-driver file available at Download RAID: Intel® Rapid Storage-Technologie-Treiber für Intel PC-Mainboards.

Can anyone that point me to the right F6 driver for Windows Home Server 2011?



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