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Degraded Raid 10


I am having a problem with a degraded drive on my server. I used Symantec backup exec to make backups, but a few days ago the backups stopped working. The backups stopped due to a hard drive that was failing on the RAID 10 configuration. I though I had determined which hard drive was bad, so I replaced drive # 1. I now believe the problem was with Drive 0. When I replaced the hard drive the Intel RAID web console started to rebuild the drive. However it encountered many media errors along the way and at one point said Drive PD: 0 is predictive fail 0:3. Below I will post the error messages.

Controller ID: 0 Unrecoverable medium error during rebuild: PD 0 Location 0x1627e39e

several of these at different memory locations.

Controller ID: 0 PD Predictive failure: 0:3

I am not sure on this, but I think these errors are because I replaced the wrong drive. I am now wondering what to do next. The server shut down some time today, but it came back up with no problem. When it did, the drive began to try and rebuild itself again. It is currently at 20% right now, but I am worried it will start encoutering errors again. I want to know if I can put the origional drive back into slot 1. I am worried bacause I think the drive in slot 0 is the bad one, and I didn't copy the span over correctly to the drive I replaced in slot 1. I am worried if I put the origional drive back in the raid controller will not recognize it as it was or it will start to try and rebuild it. That would leave with with a failing drive, and one that didn't replicate properly.

To make matters worse I was planning to go on vacation on Monday. I haven't gotten a successful backup since Tuesday. I am a little over my head on this one, I haven't worked much with Raid before. If anyone could please give me some sugguestions I would be extremely grateful. I will attach a screen shot of the Spanned drive group.

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I suggest you do nothing and wait for the rebuild to complete. Once it's completed backup your data. Is the RAID status degraded when your backup stopped working? As far as I know a degraded RAID should not stop backup, because the data is still accessible.

A complete RAID log will help you to know what happened. In RWC2, select Log => Save as Text.

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