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Determine error on Intel server


Hi guys,

We have an old Intel server which is still doing all right with Windows 2003. I noticed that the health indicator is "orange" color, which I suppose is bacause something is wrong. I removed the side, and I see some red lights on some of the extension cards. But I don't know what it is and what the error is, I don't even know which kind of server it is.

There is a software called ISM Console installed on the server, and I can see a red/white cross in health status, but the program asks for a password to see the error which I do not have.... How can I reset this ?

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Try to locate a white label on the mainboard, which has a serial number and a part number in ABCDEF-123 format. Those will help to identify the server.


There is no way to reset the password for the server management console. Typically when I install the management console, I would use the same Windows password. Have it a try, it may work.

Also, you can use a system event log utility to check for the actual error on your server. As I do not know which server you are using, there are different versions depending on the platform. SEL Viewer for UEFI/Windows*/Linux* for S5500 and S5520 boards SEL Viewer for Windows* and Linux* for S5000 boards