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E5-2660 + E5-2665 together (same server).

Hello everybody,

I have a server with 1 processor Intel, model E5-2660 installed. So, i want to install a new processor, in the second proc slot, but i cant find another E5-2660 to buy. I found a Intel E5-2665. (Same Family).

I need to know if i can install 2 different processors (E5-2660 and E5-2665 - same family) in the same server. Is it compatible ?



Rafael Bianchini

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Re: E5-2660 + E5-2665 together (same server).

What determines the compatibility is the server/workstation motherboard not the processors, so you should specify what are the compatibility requirements for the system you have.

What I can tell is that most of these multi-processor configurations require you to use the same processor model with same stepping, so not using the same processor model is not enough, the stepping or revision has to be the same on both processors.

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