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E5 2690 V4, which socket does it support? FCLGA2011 or FCLGA 2011-3?


I want to buy a motherboard and the manufacturer tells me that the socket is compatible with 2011-3.

But it turns out that the Xeon E5 2690 V4 has two different data where it says that the supported socket is 2011 and on another page it says 2011-3.

Which is correct?



Here it indicates that the socket is FCLGA2011:


Here it indicates that the socket is FCLGA2011-3:


In order to adhere to the motherboard manufacturer's requirements, I need to dispel this doubt.


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Hello @Artemio


Thank you for posting on the Intel️® communities. 


 We will move your question to the correct sub-forum, the team in charge will get back to you soon.


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 Isaac Q. 

Intel Customer Support Technician

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Hello Artemio,

Thank you for reaching out to us regarding the compatibility of the Xeon E5 2690 V4 with the motherboard socket. We understand how important it is to have accurate information when making a purchase decision. We apologize for any confusion you're experiencing, and we're here to help clarify this for you.

It seems there might be some conflicting information about the supported socket for the Xeon E5 2690 V4 processor. We understand your concern about the different listings for the socket compatibility, one mentioning "2011" and the other "2011-3."

While we would like to assist you directly, we'd like to inform you that due to this particular product being discontinued, Intel Customer Service is no longer able to provide support for inquiries related to it. However, we encourage you to consider engaging with our community of knowledgeable members who might have insights that can help you. Additionally, you may find valuable information on the Discontinued Products website:

We appreciate your understanding and patience as you seek the accurate information you need. If you have any more questions or require further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our community members or explore the provided link.

Thank you for being a part of the Intel community, and we wish you success in finding the answers you're looking for.

Best regards,

Allan A.

Intel Customer Support

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