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ESXi 5.1 could not see storage of Intel Server R2304LH2HKC.


Dear Intel Support.

I just got Inter Server R2304LH2HKC few days ago. Please see invoice in the attachment file. (bill.jpg)


I can use VMware ESX 5.1 and 5.5. in this server by install VMware on the USB. Both ESX version

can boot properly. But it could not see the storage of the server. Even I try to use both of raid version

'Intel ESRT2 (LSI)' and 'Intel RSTe'.

Please see Raid screen below.

- Raid configuration on Bios.


- Raid of the 'Intel RSTe'.


- Raid of the 'Intel ESRT2 (LSI)'.


Usually when I buy server from Dell or IBM. If this problems occur. They will let me download the

software installation of ESX version (ISO file) which support the storage.

If you don't have solution like the IBM or Dell. Could you let me know how to solve this problems ???

How do I add the storage raid driver in ESX ??? I don't know name of the chipset of this RAID because


it's raid onboard.

Please accept my extreme thanks in advanced for your kindness.

*** I already call Intel support at telephone number 0018006310003. Mr.Sumatha he said that this is software it can not support ESX 5.1. Ohhhhh this is hardware raid surely because it press (ctrl+i) or (ctrl+e), this is characteristic of hardware raid. Moreover it's only hardware raid support HotSwap. The software raid must install OS first then install the driver. I don't know why he say like that. He make me upset too much.

*** Please look at specification of your Intel server in the attachment file 's4600lh.pdf' on page number 4. It's hardware raid because it support HotSwap.

I believe in Intel. Please don't leave me alone. Thank you.

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There is no dedicated RAID controller chip on board, only RAID functions of platform southbridge. Hotswap is feature of backplane and SATA controllers (even desktop system can support HotSwap). Southbridge (I/O hub) RAID functions do not have drivers for Vmware.


I'm really surprise, the Intel Server price more than $12,000 does not support physical raid. Do you have support document to confirm your specification ??? Please let me know the chipset name of the Raid on board ???

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Here is your RAID - Server Products — Intel Embedded Server RAID Technology II (ESRT2) - RAID Simulator Tool . Also take a look at Server Products — Operating System Compatibility . And from page 47.

The best choice is to purchase a compatible RAID card separately, here is Intel compatible parts - @compatibility Intel® Server System R2304LH2HKC Specifications


Thanks for your more information.

I see there are many RAID for R2304LH2HKC.


Could your give me your part number suggestion for my request as follows ???


- I want to make raid 10 that could be compatible with ESX 5.1 U2.


- Your suggest product could be hardware raid ??? (I just want to know my situation, if not never mind. I can accept)

- Your suggest part number could be support HotSwap ??? (I just want to know my situation, if not never mind. I can accept)

- If no any model could not make RAID 10, never mind. I just want what ever part number that could make ESX 5.1 U2 see the storage with no RAID.

- This raid 10, i will run the OS so I need good performance also.



*** MY harddisk is SEAGATE SATA Concellation 4.0 TB / 4 units



Thank for your answer in advanced.


I think I found the part number that I want.

- Intel® RAID Controller RS2BL040, can compatible with R2304LH2HKC or not ???

- Intel® RAID Controller RS2BL040 support ESX 5.1 U2, correct ???

- If i use RS2BL040 connected with the server R2304LH2HKC, it will make the bay in front of case be 'HotSwap' ???


- If i use RS2BL040 connected with the server R2304LH2HKC, it will make the bay in front of case be 'Hardware RAid' ???

- Where I can buy in Thaialand ???

If my part numer does not correct, please let me know the correct part number. Thank you.

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To answer your questions, the RAID controller is fully compatible with the board and ESXi 5.0 which is the version we have validated. It will work with newer versions as well:

As stated on previous posts, you will need a hardware RAID controller or you can also set the BIOS as AHCI with a single disk. The embedded RAID solutions do not support ESXi. To locate resellers in Thailand please use the following website: