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Fan Full Speed ... (once again :( )

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Hi all,

I just started my first server board, a S5520HC with a XESON L5630 installed.

My first step was to update firmware and BIOS. In the end I was asked to updated FDR and SDR. I thought ... "so what ...". That was a big mistake. I am not using an Intel Chassis, so I answered all the questions regarding the fans installed (it´s FAN 1, 2 and 5).

Afterwards the system turned up all FAN to maximum speed and therefore to maximum noise (very nice for an office server ) BIOS settings (300m, Accoustics, etc. have no effect.)

So, right now I am trying to restore the default values (was very quites before). Can somebody help me with this? I read in this forum I should read out some ser.log? What´s the purpose of this? Default wouls suite me just fine

Best Regards


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"Intel performs system level thermal testing of a given Intel Server Board in all listed 3rd party reference chassis. The server board is configured to use a generic fan control scheme which operates all attached system fans at 100% pulse width modulation (PWM). The generic fan control scheme is set by selecting the "OTHER CHASSIS" option using the FRUSDR Configuration Utility."

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