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Foreign configuration auto-import did not import any drives



I replaced my SRCSATAWB raid controller, with an configured raid 5 array of 4 disks, with a new RS2WC080 raid controller.

Now I tried to import the old configuration in the raid web console 2 in Win 2012R2 and it gives me the failure in the topic.

It recognizes the foreign configuration but cant import the 4 drives.

What can I do? How do I get this working?

ID: 396

Controller ID: 0 Foreign configuration auto-import did not import any drives

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Does it allow you to preview more than one configuration? You should be able to preview the configuration and choose the one that matches your drive configuration.

We have seen instances where the original controller was failing and did not record properly the metadata on the drives.

If you preview the configurations and still cannot import it, I would recommend contacting Intel Customer Support for proper walk-through process to import the configuration manually.