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Frequent "Drive has become stale" on intel modular server



We are experiencing frequent drive failures on an intel modular server

The modular server is only 6 months in production and since then we had 5 drive failures

This is the message we receive when the failure happens

Date: 7/03/2012

Time: 13:23:28

Event Id: 1897

Policy Id: 3565


Severity: Warning

Type: Storage

Component: Drive 03

User Name: System

Description: Physical Drive has become stale


Extra Data:


Is this a known problem ? Any advice on the actions that should be taken ?

Kind Regards

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I have seen that on certain manufacturers and models. Which drives are you using? Have you checked them against the Tested Hardware and Operating System List to make sure they are validated?

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Hi Dan Thanks for the reply

We are using seagate disks ST9600205SS

Based on the compat guide you send we need "minimum chassis fw level" UFU 6.8

How can I determine the Chassis FW level ?

Also on December 11 a note was added

MFSYS25 chassis must be with I/O fan module D91260-004 or higher and with power supplies D73299-008 or higher. See comments 7 and 8 for (I checked the power suplies and they are D73299-008)

(How can I determine the I/O fan module ?)

->>> In diagout out I see this

System Fan # 1:

DID Structure Version # 0x00

DID Structure Length: 94

DID Manufacture # 0x00 Intel Corporation

Device identifier code 0x0033 Chassis Fan Control Module

Manufacture date/time (0x4e3906ac) Wed Aug 3 10:28:28 2011

Device name: Fan Control Board

Device part number: D70745-404

Is this for the I/O fan module we are talking about ? Do we need to replace with newer ones ?

(7) Chassis with TA# 91400-006 or greater, come with new I/O fan module D91260-004 or higher. Chassis with old I/O fan module must replace with new I/O fan module. The TA number for the I/O Fan does not show in the GUI. The label on the bottom of the I/O module should be D91260-004 or higher.

(8) Chassis with TA# D91400-013 or greater, come with new power supply D73299-008, and chassis with old

power supplies must replace with newer power supplies D73299-008

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1. To check you CMM FW version, login to the GUI and go to the Firmware page. It should tell you the current and previous version.

2. D91260-00x is the part number of the entire module, and D70745-40x is the board inside it. You're good here because D70745-404 is with -005 version of I/O fan module.

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Hi Guys,

So the chassis firmware = cmm firmware ?

Anyway, on the firmware page I can not see a listing for the CMM

Also can not find anything like UFU ...

On top of the firmware I can see this

Current Build Version:

Is this the chassis firmware ? Is this what we are looking for

Thanks !!!!

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Hi Stijn,

just go to the web GUI of the CMM and run diagnostics - there you'll find the CMM version. Under Diagnostics -> Tests you'll get any informations about your hardware and software versions of the blade.

Firmware version 11.5 indicates that you might not have a MFSYS25 but a MFSYS25V2.

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