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I have been saving for a used deltablet and I found one in my price reange but it is a Intel solo process. Is that better than a Intel Duo processor? and what differnce will I see in perfomance? will I be able to upgrade to a duo rocessor if the computer is to small. I am a sales rep so major applicaions are being used

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Hi Benji,

Thanks for question. Let's see, you are looking to purchase a Dell notebook with an Intel single-core processor. You're first question, what is the best choice between single-core and dual-core? Basically the difference is that the Core Duo has 2 processing cores and shares a larger cache memory as compared to a single processing core. Because the designs are significantly different, you typically can't swap from a single-core processor to a dual-core on the original single-core motherboard. This is due to differences in the chip set that supports the processor. Let us know if this helps answer your questions.