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Hard Drive high temperatures


I am installing 5 seagate enterprise 15k rpm 600GB hard drives in an Intel Chassis SC5600BRP with a 6 drive hot swap expander cage. The drives are configured as one RAID 5 array. The drives get extermely hot (up to 80 degrees centigrade, read from Intel RAID WWeb console). As a result I have had 3 hard drive failures in last 10 days. I heard from someone that having 5 drives in RAID 5 creates too much activity between the hard drives and that is why they get so hot. If any one has any comment or suggestions, I appreciate it very much



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Well, we have similar trouble not long ago with Seagate 15K drives, our supplier finally tell us about bad drives and we RMA`em - new drives work fine, within 60C temperature. Anyway, check that cage fans rotation after power-up - sometimes it just forgotten power cable to plug.

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