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How to add single harddrive

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Hi everyone,

This is a stupid question but I have been trying and looking everywhere without success.

I have a S5000 board, with Intel Raid Technology II. Two raid1 1TB drives are configured...and I want to add one simple 2TB drive. Now I saw in the manual the I should create a new mirror array, with this only drive in it. I have tried everything but I just don't see how.

Please help me .

Kind regards,


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You can create a RAID 0 VD with that single hard drive. RAID 1 (Mirror) requires at least two drives.

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My mistake, I meant Raid 0.

That was not the main issue... the issue was that I just couldn't find where to do this! Finally I did, there is an extra step one has to do ... now I don't remember exactly the right terms, but once you have selected your second array, press "enter" or F10, you will have a little windows opening and there you have to type on the space bar to have "span" filled in that window. And then finally you can create the raid.

I have never seen such a poor interface... but it works now .

Thank you for your response.