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How to setup fan speed for S5500BC



I have SR1630 with fans operating at full speed. I have checked couple of threads over here with similar issues and did check connections on the board, update bios, bmc, fru and me through efi to latest editions, 58/57/22/1.12. None helped, they stil operate at full speed. When updating through efi, I did automatic update of all four items, not one by one in preferred order. Can that be the cause for not sorting things out after update? Can I do something by running FRUSDR again?

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Never hurts to load the SDR's again, but I would start by running SELVIEW and checking the SEL log to see what is causing the high speeds.

(no SDR's loaded would do it, but it sounds like you did load then already)

Other options include CPU over heating due to Heatsink installation

Incorrect fan headers connected

a really hot server room

air inlets or outlets blocked.

BMC not functioning (you should see error messages when the BMC / SELVIEW / SDR try to flash)

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