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How to upgrade all drives in a storage pool to expand size on MFSYS25?

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We have an MFSYS25 with all 14 drive slots filled. We have four storage pools configured on the system with approximately 750GB of free space between them all.

One of our storage pools consists of (4) 67Gb hard drives. This storage pool holds a 20Gb virual drive and a 50Gb virtual drive and about 170Gb of unallocated space. We would like to replace these 67Gb drives with four larger drives to allow a much larger storage pool.

What is the recommended practice for doing this? Would I need to use the LUN copier to copy the two virtual drives to a different storage pool?



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Update: I did perform the hard drive replacement as I described above. I replaced each drive individually and allowed the SCM to rebuild after each drive replacement. Once all of the smaller drives had been replaced, the SCM recognized the additional space on the new drives and I was able to utilize that space in the storage pool.