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How to use (& configure) the on-chip 16GB cache of the Xeon Phi processor?


I have a Xeon Phi 7210 processor as a stand-alone CPU (not co-processor) in a CentOS system and want to use its in-cache memory.


I would like to know how to configure it (I found a PDF from intel about the various configurations you can have on your Xeon Phi)


and how to allocate memory on it (I already tried hbw_malloc() from the memkind package but it crashes the program).

The OS sees 2 NUMA nodes, one node with the whole RAM and 256 cores (the actual 64 CPU cores * 4-way HT) and the other node with

just 16 GB RAM which I guess is the on-chip RAM. Thus I don't think it's configured in cache mode and I should be able to malloc() it.

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