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I Am having problem in my raid 5 configuration


Dear All,

I am having problem with my raid 5 hard disk, I have 1 500 GB operating System Hard Disk.and 5*2TB Data Hard Disk that is member of Raid 5.

In My Client Site 4th hard disk was not working, in intel (r) rapid Storage techology hard disk was not showing and raid statuse showing Degraded.

Then i change the hard disk now in the intel (r) rapid Storage techology menu my 5th hard disk is showing error Occured and 4th hard disk is showing member disk and Raid Statues Swing Failed.

in windows intel rapid storage technology my 5th hard disk is showing error with cross red mark.

I Need To recover all my data because all 10TB Hard Disk i have my client data.

all snapshot i attached with this mail.

Please Help me to recover the data.

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To better assist you with your inquiry, please provide us with the model of your system board you are using and the BIOS level it is at.


Were you able to complete rebuild to Drive 4. I noticed that in one of the screenshots it was not listed and Drive 5 was showing S.M.A.R.T. events. Then, later on I see Drive 4 as Member Disk and Drive 5 showing as "Error Occurred".


My concerns is if Drive 5 dropped out of the array without Drive 4 completing the rebuild process.

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