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I accidentally converted my Raid1 to Raid0, how do I convert back

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I had two 250GB drives in a RAID1 array, I was playing around within the RST software and accidentally selected the option to migrate to a RAID0, it migrated my data over to RAID0, I have not done anything with the new partition it created. My question is how do I get back to RAID1, Can I remove the second drive from the array and then recreate the RAID1 array and then add the second drive back?

I'm in big trouble here for this foolish mistake I made...

Please let me know what can be done, I'm hoping I don't have to kill the array, recreate a new RAID1 array and then do a complete restore of my system..

Thanks, in advance..

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It kind of depends on your ICH. See the Intel® Rapid Storage Technology (Intel® RST) Supported RAID migrations.

DO NOT remove the second drive from the array to attempt to recreate the RAID 1 array. A single drive failure in a RAID 0 array will cause data loss.