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Intel 2600STBR Cant Startup.


Second thread.


buyed new ram, new cpu, remove gpu. 

server cant startup all LEDS are blinking, intel error code site said: code is invalid.


im really freaking out and expect support instead hearing its all incompatiblel,

intel support forced me to waste a lot of money instead helping me.


whats next ? burn this setup and switch over to amd ? maybe amd people can help me.

hard to explain the "beep" code: 


beep beep beeeeeeeeep beep. 


All leds are blinking as i posted in the video before, new ram doesnt change the status, 

new cpu doesnt changed the status.


removed second cpu doesnt changed the status

removed gpu doesnt changed the status. 


whats next ? i never had so much problems... 


to told me its all incompatible is also not really friendly and helpful.


intel support called me and doesnt help.


whats your next recommendation ? 

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Hello iDustBin,

Thank you for contacting Intel Technical Support.

There is a support case already open for this same issue. Please continue working on the original case. You could request a warranty replacement if you consider the board might be defective. Just keep in mind that there might be other variables not letting the system to boot like a 3rd party chassis, incorrect cabling, even a damaged HDD.


Jose A.

Intel Customer Support Technician

For firmware updates and troubleshooting tips, visit:

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